"Wollondilly is more than capable of representing itself. In my 14 years as a Councillor I have met countless members of the community that are proud, passionate and dedicated enough to make great representatives. We do not need or want outside influence or interference."


We get things done!

The trick of the major parties and the factions within them, is to sell the lie that independents get nothing done, when in fact the opposite is true. This desperate lie is repeated and repeated into a mantra in hopes of drowning out the positive progress generated by independents, even trying to bully independents out of office.  

One of my early inspirations is considered to be the father of independents: Ted Mack.

Along with a number of other independents Ted helped to usher in the NSW ICAC. The anti-corruption body that we are all indebted to. The ICAC is invaluable in ensuring we can weed out corruption and maintain faith in our government institutions, and if elected I will be advocating that the ICAC be returned to its for glory as the peoples guard dog.

It is another current Independent, the Hon. Cathy McGowan that recently put forward legislation to create a federal version of the ICAC. With buy in from other independent cross benchers Cathy could  succeed in bringing an FICAC to life without being a member of a major party. It is no doubt her independence that allows Cathy to pursue something for the people. 

Most recently I met with retired Independent MP John Hatton AO, who held the NSW electorate of South Coast for 22 years, until he chose to retire. Not only did John deliver for his electorate he also delivered for the state and community at large by instigating the Woods Royal Commission into Police Corruption. It is little wonder that John is a Australian Living Treasure as nominated by the National Trust of Australia.

I am proud to call John Hatton AO, a friend and a mentor.