A government has just one job: to Predict and Provide.
"As your Local Member of Parliament I will use every opportunity to keep the Government on task and hold them to account while securing the best policy outcomes for Wollondilly, the City and the State."


Prevent Over Development

As your Mayor for the last 3 years I have witnessed first-hand the exponential pressures put on councils to deliver housing. It is as though all common sense has been thrown out the window as politicians bow to outside pressures rather than listening to public service experts or just listening to the voting public.

As Mayor I was aware that Wollondilly was meeting and on track to exceed its quota and yet we still see huge open ended rezoning to accelerate development. With unnecessary densities and no commitment to the infrastructure to support even half the numbers proposed. This is why you have heard me often say there is a tidal wave coming.

One that can and should be stopped. We do not need High Rise. There are already too many black roofs replacing native bushland and farming land. We already struggle with traffic congestion. We do not need more of the same.

We need to stop take a beat and think about what direction we want to take and how to master plan that for the benefit of all in Wollondilly. Not for the benefit of investors from another part of town or another country altogether.

Together we can put Wollondilly first.