A government has just one job: to Predict and Provide.
"As your Local Member of Parliament I will use every opportunity to keep the Government on task and hold them to account while securing the best policy outcomes for Wollondilly, the City and the State."


Promote Real Infrastructure

"As no cost to government" is not good enough - it is not even governing.

Year on year we see the population grow and we are all expected to accept "the progress" without ever being asked if this version of progress, is what we want as citizens, taxpayers and voters. Worse still we are now consistently leveraged by our own government to take on this growth or we will not receive long overdue infrastructure upgrades and improvements.

This is because of the erroneous policy of development being at no cost to government.

Rather than a government using our taxes to provide public infrastructure to support current residents and promote economic growth to feed in further tax revenue, we see privatised major infrastructure and most regional and local infrastructure being funded by developer contribution at the lowest possible cost they can get away with.

That is no way to run a city, a state or a country for that matter.

As a rule I am not opposed to development, but I am deeply alarmed that we have lost the capacity to take a balanced common sense view to deliver what is in the public interest!

As your MP I will advocate for development that is in our interests; like integrated public transport, additional schools, police stations and hospitals or health services. These are things we lack right now, so I will pursue them right now and I will not tolerate being leveraged with over development to achieve overdue infrastructure.

I am asking for your vote, I am asking to work for you. I am not seeking elected office to represent anyone other than the current residents of Wollondilly, as we deserve better.