A government has just one job: to Predict and Provide.
"As your Local Member of Parliament I will use every opportunity to keep the Government on task and hold them to account while securing the best policy outcomes for Wollondilly, the City and the State."


Protect Local Character

There are many physical and ephemeral qualities that make Wollondilly the beautiful rural region we all love. Some are hard to describe, but we all know them, the rich colours, smells and experiences that drew us here, to build homes and families here.

The beautiful rivers and valleys that shape the region also shape us. They are a part of us.

Along with Liverpool, Camden and Campbelltown we are the birthplace of Australian Agriculture. This is why our region is covered in rich early settler and indigenous heritage

I am dedicated to protecting these vital elements that help to shape Local Character. I hope to do this in part by promoting sustainable tourism and small business support.